One Road/Many Views


March, 2018 saw Peter travel to Raleigh, NC to begin covering all 2,500 miles of US 1 from Fort Kent, Maine to Key West, Florida.  His first step was to begin to cut the project down to a manageable size.  The second step was to get his feet under him to establish a process of taking pictures, exploring, and getting interviews.  That step was fun and easy.  There were four more weeks of adventure and exploration out on the road in southern Virginia, the Seacoast of New Hampshire, Wickford, Rhode Island and Northern Massachusetts, doing more research, pruning fearlessly, and writing more songs.


Opening Monologue from Raleigh, NC

Raleigh is a very fast-growing place, and Route 1 runs right through the city.  It is just about half way in between Key West and Fort Kent.  It is a place where Peter never visited before. These are a few of the reasons that Peter chose to start in Raleigh.  Click below to hear more reasons.....


Power Trip Through Virginia


The Fall Line

How the path of the Piedmont Escarpment became the route of US1

Route 1 passes over or adjacent to the Conowingo Dam on the Susquehanna, The Kerr Dam on the Roanoke, The Harvell Dam on the Appomattox, the power station on Belle Isle on the James River (RVA), and even the drag races at Virginia Motorsports Park.  Peter explores the geologic and historical reasons for this in his supercharged second video of the project.

Characters are everywhere on Route 1. Finding them really isn’t hard. Getting them to talk to you is often easy, too. Here’s a prime example from South Hill, VA.

Evans gas3.jpg


Renovate, Rescue, Repurpose, Resilience, Restore, Recycle, Rehabilitate, Recover, Respect, Reuse, Revitalize, Rebirth.-  As I-95 stole away automobile traffic from Route 1, the commercial viability of some sections declined.  This is a frequently-told story on Route 66 (e.g. “Car Story” - film).  Some individual businesses and several of those abandoned towns have survived in surprising ways.  Some have hung on stubbornly, despite overwhelming odds, or because of a special industry or geographic feature.  Some have been repurposed.  Some have vanished - swallowed by kudzu and succumbed to gravity and weather…

One of the most compelling things about US 1 is how many times it has changed and how many ways it has been bypassed.  The old 2-lane road that was established by the states in 1926 has been widened to multi-lane suburban boulevards, usurped by new limited access highways, or bypassed by the Interstate.  Some old towns were leveled in the name of progress.  Other town centers were left to struggle with the resulting economic dislocation.  Some, like  Franklinville Historic District haven't recovered.  Others have.  

RE also embraces human activity like recovery from addiction, animal rescue, spiritual re-birth, rehabilitation from physical ailments/trauma, automobile restoration, and natural resource restoration/conservation. If you have a RE story to share or suggest, click below.

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Lowest Common Denominator (Companion CD)

Unlike the usual process where music gets written and a video gets made based on the music, the US Route 1 project will be different.  The photography and the interviews will inform the music that gets written.  Songs will be inspired by the variety of cultures and the history of US 1.

US1 Seacoast views from July & August 2018. Part of the One Road/Many Views US1 project. Music by Tom Paxton.