Peter Evans, a jazz/blues artist from the metro Philadelphia region, has a decades-long history as a musician, studying initially with Philadelphia Folksong Society co-founder George Britton in the 1960s, and his depth of understanding of folk music has deeply impacted the creation of his newest record, “Miss Nomer’s Number”.  As an a cappella singer for the last thirty-five years, including with the Yale Whiffenpoofs, for whom he served as a musical director, Peter’s incredible understanding of music history has served as a resource in the creation of his newest record.

In conjunction with producer Bradley Kohn, Peter co-wrote and co-produced “Miss Nomer’s Number” in Los Angeles.  The eight tracks, including fan favorites “Dancing Shoes” and “Lie, Cheat, and Steal”, blends gypsy jazz, folk, blues, and pop elements to create a cohesive and exciting blend of modern jazz music. 


The record’s title, “Miss Nomer’s Number” comes the Discovery Channel show “Yukon Gold”, a show Peter draws inspiration from, and from his love of misnomers.  Recorded in Los Angeles, California and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Miss Nomer’s Number features an incredible group of guest vocalists and instrumentalists, and melds Peter and Brad’s creative minds and influences.