Peter Evans, a jazz/blues artist from the Delaware Valley region of Pennsylvania, has been a performer, an arranger, and a writer for decades.  He initially studied guitar with Philadelphia Folksong Society co-founder George Britton in the 1960s. Beyond folk, Peter has been an a cappella singer for the last forty years, including a year with the Yale Whiffenpoofs, whom he served as “pitch pipe”, a harmonious 28 years with the Tonics, and for 35 years of membership with the Orpheus Club of Philadelphia.

Growth is most fertile at the edges, and Peter makes a point to explore boundary lines and cross-pollinate genres as a part of his compositional style.  Drew Nugent, a stride piano player and jazz trumpeter started writing “neo-swing” tunes with Peter in 2014.  They melded their co-writes towards pop and indie productions in the crucible of LA.  Drew Nugent carries with him a trove of phenomenal music, which he can play brilliantly, and every so often, Peter finds a way to record, preserve, and re-use his work.

Things started to sprout at the edges in 2016 with the addition of Shayna Zaid to the songwriting mix, and the release of “Clockworks” in July of 2016.  Peter subsequently produced “I’ll Never Be the Same”, a solo CD for Drew Nugent released in February, 2017.  His other recent projects have included a Gypsy- Swing inspired “Miss Nomer’s Number” EP, Produced by Brad Kohn, and the co- production of The Tonics a cappella CD, “Antidotes” with Hooters founding member, Rob Hyman in 2015.   

Peter returns to his Folk roots every summer at the Philadelphia Folk Festival, where he channels George Britton and encamps with the Bacchus Boys, an ensemble he helped to establish in 2011.  The Bacchus Boys perform and record regularly as an outreach for the Orpheus Club.

Peter was an architect and a building professional for 17 years, while raising three boys.  He brings the organizational tools of estimating, data analysis, scheduling, sequencing and teen management to the workbench.  These skills help him to design and build pathways where collaborators can move forward together.  Curation of music content has become a larger and larger part of Peter’s activities with his label, Double Ohs Music.  Double Ohs is regularly seeking to expand its roster of touring and recording musicians.